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3 Simple Health Tips to Change Your Life

Being healthier is something that everyone desires. However, sometimes it seems like there is nothing that an individual can do to be healthier. At least not something that is easy, or quick. There are 3 simple health tips that a person can do to better themselves. Healthy Foods There are several simple health tips that can help when we examine the foods we eat. This is a quick sample of... [Continue Reading]

After-Work Out Solutions to Boost Energy

Have you ever gone to a gym that provides food for its patrons? If you find something like trail mix or bananas, eat up, but if you see a steaming pizza only half eaten, be afraid, be very afraid. Choosing the right food and beverages post workout is essential to your health and functionality. To boost your energy level and replenish depleted proteins after an intense session try out some of... [Continue Reading]

Get the Right Hearing Aid and Start Improving Your Life Today

According to the American Speech-Language Hearing Association, more than 36 million Americans suffer from some form of hearing loss, yet current statistics indicate that less than one-quarter of those who have hearing loss get help.  Fortunately, 9 out of 10 people with hearing loss can be helped with hearing aids. If you are one of the millions of Americans who spend each day... [Continue Reading]

10 Health Fads You Need to Stop Following Right Now

Everyone knows the feeling you get after a weekend of ice cream, salty snacks, and empty calories. And come Monday morning, you’re saying “Okay, I need a new plan. It’s time to get serious about losing some weight.” Which is great. Everyone gets to a certain point when they are unhappy with their own appearance, and the healthiest way to deal with that is to accept... [Continue Reading]

Infographic: Six Pack Secrets

There is no magic formula for turning a flabby tummy into a rock-hard washboard stomach – just pay attention to the most recommended methods of exercise and diet, take them on board and stick to the programme! have produced a great infographic guide, titled How to Get a Six Pack – read it and start working! Brought to you by Newitts [Continue Reading]

Healthy Dinner Party Food Options for Your Next Family Gathering

If you’re someone who is known to throw a pretty great party, then if you have one coming up over the next few weeks, we’re pretty sure that one of the things that you’re busy doing is putting a great menu together: one that is affordable, full of flavor and also healthy too. And while we do know that sometimes pulling off a meal like this can be a pretty tall order,... [Continue Reading]

Common Causes of Memory Loss and Effective Ways to Prevent It

Memory loss isn’t just an affliction of the elderly – young people can suffer from memory loss as well. Memory is an interesting thing, because it isn’t a tangible part of our neurology. While the memory was created in the physical world, it quickly gets stores into a virtual one – like an overlapping hologram. This happens in an area of the brain called the... [Continue Reading]

The Best Types of Fitness Classes for Weight Loss

As you get older and your metabolism changes, you’ll not only have to change the way you eat in order to maintain a healthy weight, but you’ll also want to add an exercise regimen that keeps your body fit and healthy. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize this until they’ve already put on some excess pounds. And even fewer make changes unless they have a medical... [Continue Reading]

Four Reasons Why Dog Ownership Is Beneficial

Dog owners are happy people. The reason why they are so happy is because they are constantly around an animal that is always thrilled to see them. Whether your training your new dog, hanging out a the park with your pooch by your side, or returning home from work, dogs certainly go to great lengths to let their owners know just how thrilled they are. It is extremely hard not to be happy... [Continue Reading]

6 Major Martial Arts Training Benefits

Martial arts isn’t just about fighting and violence. In fact, it isn’t even really about self-defense either. Those are just parts of the martial arts practice, but certainly not the focus. The martial arts includes a number of different disciplines that offer a healthier and more spiritually balanced lifestyle. The truth is that martial arts has been used for hundreds of years as... [Continue Reading]

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E. coli worry prompts recall of 1200 lbs. of beef by Twin Cities company
The suspected contamination was discovered last week by federal food safety personnel during a routine inspection. 0 · comments; decrease font size resize text increase font size; print · buy reprints. Share0 ...

Sisters aged 4 and 6 rushed to Ohio hospital over Ebola fears with spiking fevers ...
Sisters aged 4 and 6 rushed to Ohio hospital over Ebola fears with spiking fevers ...

The secret behind a gluten-free diet. Facts you need to know..
A recent study has suggested that although only 7% American need gluten-free diet, more than 63% of Americans are conscious of gluten intake and try to avoid it. The most supported claim for this action is the belief that gluten would make them healthy and ...

Cape Verde orders evacuation after Fogo volcano erupts
PRAIA (Reuters) - A volcano in the Cape Verde archipelago off the coast of West Africa erupted on Sunday morning, the prime minister said, calling for residents to evacuate. A photograph posted on the local RTC TV station website showed a huge plume of ...

Kids Sarcastically Thank Michelle Obama for Unappealing Meals
School kids across the nation are sarcastically thanking first lady Michelle Obama on Twitter for the unsightly school lunches. The hashtag #ThanksMichelleObama was between the top trends on Twitter along with photos of the off-putting school lunches on ...

Nestle Says It Wants to Create Liquid Exercise in a Bottle
Raise your hand if you want all the benefits of exercise without actually having to exercise. Well, it won't work exactly like that, but Nestle says it's close to a break through that can somewhat grant this wish. Now don't start celebrating just yet. Nestle asserts ...

Merseyside medics join Ebola fight in West Africa
Merseyside doctors are among the first NHS staff to leave for Sierra Leone to join the fight against Ebola. A group of around 30 medics, including GPs, nurses, psychiatrists and emergency medicine consultants, left London's Heathrow Airport for the west ...

1300-year-old book of Egyptian magic deciphered
Researchers have decoded an ancient Egyptian book of spells they are calling an “Egyptian Handbook of Ritual Power.” It contains incantations for everything from attaining success in a business venture, to love spells, to curing disease. The 20 page ...

Can Gluten-Free Diet Be Actually Bad For You? Researchers Claim It Is Not ...
Can Gluten-Free Diet Be Actually Bad For You? Researchers Claim It Is Not ...

Puff, Puff: Benzene in Hookah Increases Leukemia Risk in Smokers
Study finds health risks in hookah smoking despite widespread belief the water pipes are safer than cigarettes. Popular with younger smokers, hookahs may be increasing their health risks, researchers say. (Photo : CDC) ...

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