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Laser Hair Removal Guide

There are all kinds of reasons that you may wish to remove hair from your body besides looking attractive such as hormonal changes that have caused you to grow hair where women do not grow hair such as on the face. In cases of surgery, areas of the body may need hair removed to help avoid infection, so you can see that removing hair is more than just a cosmetic procedure. Of course, in... [Continue Reading]

Five Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling for Business

When it comes to traveling, there is a plethora of germs you come into contact with. From waiting in the airport to being confined on a plane to staying in an unfamiliar place, it can be all too easy to find your immune system struggling while you are on a business trip. However, because most business trips are when you need to be on your A-game, as you are meeting with clients, potential... [Continue Reading]

Why Has Weight Lifting Become So Popular?

Lifting weights used to be something only a few select people did in the gym each day, and most others were intimidated by the weight room. However, walking into most gyms today will show a wide variety of people pumping iron and working weights into their normal routine. So what has caused this switch? Why are so many more people hitting the weight room? There are a few answers that can... [Continue Reading]


Acupuncture is the use of acupuncture supplies, which are very thin needles that are inserted into a person’s skin at certain points on their body. There are many therapeutic benefits associated with acupuncture. Benefits of Acupuncture During acupuncture, the thin needles are inserted into a person’s body in certain spots at a certain depth. Usually, the person lies down and the... [Continue Reading]

Useful Tips to Have a Healthy and Fit Body

Do you think a person can stay healthy even being fat too? Perhaps that may not be the case, as obesity causes serious health problems in the long run. Health conscious people in Canada are very much concerned about obesity. As per the surveys and reports surfacing time to time, the obesity rate in Canada ranges between 25 to 30 percent, posing serious threats to the general well-being of many... [Continue Reading]

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Are you dreading bikini season because your breasts aren’t like you want them? Maybe they are small, drooping, or unequal sizes. Look into breast augmentation surgery. To find information about breast augmentations or surgeons in your area check Facts about Breast Augmentations Before you have breast augmentation surgery, make sure you know exactly what to expect.... [Continue Reading]

The Healthiest Spring Activities for Families

Creating healthy habits for their family is a priority for every parent. Parents want to see their kids grow old and be able to do the things that they want to without health issues holding them back. Making living a healthy life fun is a great way to do that. There are a lot of great ways families can have fun together without compromising their well-being this spring. The new season... [Continue Reading]

6 Helpful Tips for Treating Infertility in Women

Conceiving can come very easily to some women. Other women will have to try for months to get pregnant. However, it is not uncommon for women to try over a year to get pregnant with no success. This issue can be extremely frustrating and disheartening for any women. Women today are lucky enough to have a lot of options to consider when dealing with infertility. Every woman can consider her... [Continue Reading]

How To Make Every Day A Healthy And Happy Day

Life is short. That’s why it’s important to do what you can to make yours as happy and healthy as possible. If you are determined to have a good day every day, you have certainly come to the right place! Let’s take a look at our super suggestions for how to live each day with a huge smile on your face. Source Give yourself a treat every day - What a nice what to start!... [Continue Reading]

Forgive and Forget – Can you Really Forget?

It doesn't matter what you're recovering from—substance abuse, mental health issues, or [another thing]—forgiveness is a big part of the process. For those in 12-step programs, you are often encouraged to forgive those who've hurt you in the past, but also to forgive yourself for times when you haven't lived up to your own expectations. But how do we achieve forgiveness? ... [Continue Reading]

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When Mosquitoes Undergo Gender Transformation, Where Lays the Motivation?
Facilitating a halt to the deadly and dreaded disease causing abilities of a mosquito is what prompted scientists to manipulate a mosquito gene at the molecular level to change the gender of these tiny trouble makers, rendering them harmless. Researchers at ...

E-cigarettes can help people quit smoking in the short term: study
A new study into how e-cigarettes can help people quit smoking long-term suggests that the biggest effects are felt over the first month. The paper, presented at the 2015 American Thoracic Society International Conference, finds that "e-cigarettes have been ...

Man traveling to US from Liberia dies from Lassa fever: CDC
WASHINGTON A man who traveled from Liberia died in New Jersey over the weekend from Lassa fever, U.S. health officials said, adding that authorities are looking for people who had contact with him although the risk of infection is extremely low. Lassa ...

U.S. bird flu virus seen under control within four months: OIE
PARIS An epidemic of hen flu that has devastated U.S. poultry flocks this yr is more likely to be underneath management inside 4 months because the United States steps up measures to include the virus, the top of the World Organisation for Animal Health ...

Photo of Marine groom, bride from NC goes viral
A photo of a N.C. couple in prayer before their weekend wedding is grabbing attention across the globe ever since it was posted online by a photographer Saturday. The image shows U.S. Marine Corps Cpl. Caleb Earwood in his military uniform and holding ...

Study links Depression to Higher Death Risk
A new study has found that depressed heart failure patients could be at high risk of death. According to doctors and health experts, it is important for heart failure patients to manage the depression. John Cleland, professor of cardiology at the Imperial College ...

RPT-INSIGHT-Fight over hot new cholesterol drugs may be won in milligrams
(Repeating without changes to text for additional clients). By Deena Beasley. LOS ANGELES May 26 (Reuters) - Two powerful and innovative cholesterol drugs likely to be approved this summer both target the same protein and have been shown to sharply ...

'Pain sensing' gene shows hope for new ways to relieve pain
Scientists have discovered a pain-sensing gene that can lead to development of new ways to relieve pain. By: ANI | May 26, 2015 4:56 pm. Google +. Post Comments. Scientists have discovered a pain-sensing gene that can lead to development of new ways ...

Obese Teenage Boys Could Have Higher Risk of Bowel Cancer, Study Says
Researchers find men who were overweight or obese when they were 16-20 are more likely to develop disease in their 50s. Teenage boys who become very obese may double their risk of getting bowel cancer by the time they are in their 50s, research ...

Nix gene can turn blood sucking female mosquitoes into innocent males
Scientists have figured out how to change the gender of a mosquito at the molecular level, removing its deadly qualities. The mosquitoes in question are the dengue-transmitting mosquitoes, which also happen to be female. The team of scientists were able to ...

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