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How to Manage After an Auto Accident

People will often advise you to get checked out immediately following an auto accident to discover what medical conditions might have resulted from the crash. This is important for your wellbeing, but also to ensure any settlement offered is enough to cover the expenses of treating those conditions. Sometimes, however, an injury may not develop right away. Our Brains React to Excitement It's... [Continue Reading]

Can Asthmatic People Maintain an Active Lifestyle?

Image Source: Asthma and exercise? Some would think these two are a bad combo. The fact that exercise may be a probable trigger for asthma attacks, in a condition known as exercise-induced asthma, makes asthmatic people steer clear from the mere thought of maintaining an active lifestyle. However, the truth is that the ultimate... [Continue Reading]

Healthy Ways To Deal With Chronic Pain

Do you suffer from chronic, nagging, debilitating pain? It can take over your life and make everyday tasks unbearable and in some cases, unmanageable. Finding ways to cope with pain can come in different forms, depending on your realm of medical care as well as homeopathic care. Here are just a few examples of what you may be able to do to help fight the feelings of overwhelming pain that... [Continue Reading]

Medical Science is Knocking on Immortality’s Door with the Latest Drug and Pharmaceutical Developments

The one thing people have in common, the world over, is that we’re going to die.  It’s among the most common fears.  For millennia we have obsessed with finding out what awaits us after we die and trying to prevent it.  People have spent their entire lives and fortunes searching for mythical ways to extend our time here, searching for the Holy Grail or the Fountain... [Continue Reading]

Erasing the Pain: 5 Reasons It Is Important to Keep a Heating Pad in Your Home

You have noticed how a hot shower soothes the pain and aches inflicted by the day’s exertions. You probably never think of it as applying heat therapy, but that’s what you’re essentially doing. People have known for ages that heat is a great ally in the battle with pain. While rubber bottles filled with hot water did the job for a while, the arrival of electricity made... [Continue Reading]

EMF Protection is Tested and Proven to be Effective

It is understandable if you are skeptical about Electromagnetic Field (EMF) radiation. After all, you have been using your phone and computer over the years, but you have not suffered from any EMF related illness. Before you write off the idea of using EMF protection, you need to understand that several studies have already shown that EMF radiation dangers are real, and you need to stay... [Continue Reading]

Determining the Best Care Agency to Partner With

Given the demand for home care these days, finding a home carer is not a huge problem anymore. You can just call an agency and they will send someone to provide the care that you need for your elderly relative. Before you decide which agency to partner with, you need to filter the options and find high quality care without going beyond your budget. Identifying the kind of care you need ... [Continue Reading]

Your Guide When It Comes to Coping with Dementia

If you are diagnosed with dementia, you will encounter challenges ahead, but that does not mean that your life is over. Fear, denial, loneliness, anger, depression and frustration; these are just some of the different emotions you will experience. Being aware and prepared for these challenges will not only benefit you but also the people around you. How to Cope with Dementia Below are the... [Continue Reading]

How to Manage Asthma at Home

Asthma is a common lung condition that affects the airways, resulting to wheezing and shortness of breath. In fact, 1 in 13 people, or about 25 million individuals, are known to have asthma in the United States alone—more prevalent in children than in adults. Since the disease causes the swelling of the airways, people with asthma need to know how to effectively manage their... [Continue Reading]

How Getting Healthy Over 40 can Help Reduce Your Risk of Certain Diseases

Are you over 40, overweight and maybe feeling like you’re lacking energy most of the time? While there could be no underlying issue whatsoever, you could also be on the brink of a serious health concern. It’s important to visit your doctor right away for preliminary tests to determine if you may be at risk for heart disease or a gastrointestinal condition. Here are a few things... [Continue Reading]

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Alcohol and coffee make you live longer, finds almost-too-good-to-be-true study
Because tipplers and java fiends need good news, too, a new study from University of California-Irvine has found that drinking alcohol and coffee increases your chance of living past 90 by a statistically significant amount. The university's 90+ Study ...

In a First, Tiny Diamond Anvils Trigger Chemical Reactions by Squeezing
molecular structure This graphic shows how attaching molecular anvils (gray cages) to softer molecules (red and yellow balls) distributes the pressure from a bigger diamond anvil unevenly, so chemical bonds bend and eventually break around the atom ...

Study: Potentially Toxic Level of Metals Found in E-Cigarettes
Researchers found several toxic metals in the aerosol of e-cigarettes, including lead and chromium. (Martina Paraninfi/Getty Images). A new study published Thursday in Environmental Health Perspectives found toxic levels of certain metals may be ...

Why doctors never want women to ignore bloating
HOUSTON - Bloating is a minor complaint that could signal something majorly wrong with your health. A British survey sheds a scary light on how many women dismiss bloating as a warning sign of cancer. Luz Pena said she experienced bloating for two ...

Oklahoma's death toll from flu rises to 173
Oklahoma City — An additional 20 Oklahomans have died of flu complications since the last report, bringing the statewide total to 173 people since the season began in September. Five of the deaths were in the past week. The other 15 happened earlier ...

YouTube Star Who Said Veganism Cured Her Of Cancer Dies
The YouTube personality who had claimed in her hit videos that a vegan diet and a spiritual lifestyle completely cured her of breast cancer died of the same. Mari Lopez's niece, Liz Johnson, confirmed that her aunt died in December after the breast ...

Hospital prepped for first-ever sextuplets delivery with choreographed drills
HUNTSVILLE Ala. -- An Alabama mother gave birth to six precious little bundles of joy at Huntsville Hospital, the first ever sextuplets to be delivered there. "It was amazing getting to see them, and see what they look like, how little they are ...

Girl infected in Weld County salmonella outbreak hospitalized for 10 days
FORT LUPTON, Colo. — Health officials in Weld County are continuing to sound the alarm on what they said could be a large outbreak of salmonella infections. Ten people are confirmed to have the bacteria linked to food at Burrito Delight— two ...

Tensions running high at NBC as Lester Holt's ratings slip
ABC News has been crowing about its flagship “World News Tonight With David Muir” taking the gold medal during the Winter Olympics, putting rival Lester Holt and his “NBC Nightly News” in the silver spot. But sources tell Page Six that, with Muir ...

Flu Deaths Near 100 As State's Deadliest Season In Five Years Continues
State officials sent a dire warning Thursday to get the flu shot as another 20 people have died from the virus in the state's deadliest season in years. (Chris Gardner / Associated Press). Nicholas RondinoneContact [email protected] State ...

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