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Medical Science is Knocking on Immortality’s Door with the Latest Drug and Pharmaceutical Developments

The one thing people have in common, the world over, is that we’re going to die.  It’s among the most common fears.  For millennia we have obsessed with finding out what awaits us after we die and trying to prevent it.  People have spent their entire lives and fortunes searching for mythical ways to extend our time here, searching for the Holy Grail or the Fountain... [Continue Reading]

Erasing the Pain: 5 Reasons It Is Important to Keep a Heating Pad in Your Home

You have noticed how a hot shower soothes the pain and aches inflicted by the day’s exertions. You probably never think of it as applying heat therapy, but that’s what you’re essentially doing. People have known for ages that heat is a great ally in the battle with pain. While rubber bottles filled with hot water did the job for a while, the arrival of electricity made... [Continue Reading]

EMF Protection is Tested and Proven to be Effective

It is understandable if you are skeptical about Electromagnetic Field (EMF) radiation. After all, you have been using your phone and computer over the years, but you have not suffered from any EMF related illness. Before you write off the idea of using EMF protection, you need to understand that several studies have already shown that EMF radiation dangers are real, and you need to stay... [Continue Reading]

Determining the Best Care Agency to Partner With

Given the demand for home care these days, finding a home carer is not a huge problem anymore. You can just call an agency and they will send someone to provide the care that you need for your elderly relative. Before you decide which agency to partner with, you need to filter the options and find high quality care without going beyond your budget. Identifying the kind of care you need ... [Continue Reading]

Your Guide When It Comes to Coping with Dementia

If you are diagnosed with dementia, you will encounter challenges ahead, but that does not mean that your life is over. Fear, denial, loneliness, anger, depression and frustration; these are just some of the different emotions you will experience. Being aware and prepared for these challenges will not only benefit you but also the people around you. How to Cope with Dementia Below are the... [Continue Reading]

How to Manage Asthma at Home

Asthma is a common lung condition that affects the airways, resulting to wheezing and shortness of breath. In fact, 1 in 13 people, or about 25 million individuals, are known to have asthma in the United States alone—more prevalent in children than in adults. Since the disease causes the swelling of the airways, people with asthma need to know how to effectively manage their... [Continue Reading]

How Getting Healthy Over 40 can Help Reduce Your Risk of Certain Diseases

Are you over 40, overweight and maybe feeling like you’re lacking energy most of the time? While there could be no underlying issue whatsoever, you could also be on the brink of a serious health concern. It’s important to visit your doctor right away for preliminary tests to determine if you may be at risk for heart disease or a gastrointestinal condition. Here are a few things... [Continue Reading]

The Pros and Cons of Using Noise Cancelling Ear Buds for Sleeping

Sleep is essential for every human being, the lack of sleep can cause health problems like heart disease, stroke or even high blood pressure. It is for this reason that noise canceling ear buds for sleeping was invented. Noise cancelling earbuds are gadgets used to block disturbing sounds, using active noises control. Noise canceling ear buds enable you to listen to music without raising the... [Continue Reading]

What to do When a Tooth is Broken?

It can be estimated that around 300 people experience dental trauma each week in Brisbane. A large number of these people who experience dental injuries are children. By being prepared and with a quick response, many of these tooth injuries can be repaired if it is managed quickly by parents and emergency dentists in Brisbane. Children tend to run fast and play a lot. Injury to the face and... [Continue Reading]

Vital Role of Patient Monitoring Systems

Patient monitoring is the root of patient care. It is imperative for members of the healthcare team to always perform constant assessment and measurements on the patient’s physiological parameters to guide them in patient diagnosis and to determine the appropriate therapeutic interventions. To guide the team, patient monitoring needs to adapt a systematized approach through patient... [Continue Reading]

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These personality traits may help you live longer
TUESDAY, Dec. 12, 2017 -- Stubbornness and optimism may be keys to a long life, a new study suggests. Researchers hunting for clues to longevity focused on nine remote villages in the Cilento region of southern Italy. There, hundreds of residents are ...

2 children die; meningitis suspected at County Hall daycare center in Miami
A child at a downtown Miami daycare center has died of suspected meningitis and a second toddler died seven days later in a health scare that prompted the closure Tuesday of the facility steps away from Miami-Dade County's main government building. A ...

New optical illusion reveals you probably have 'curvature blindness'
New optical illusion reveals you probably have 'curvature blindness' A new optical illusion appears to consist of parallel lines in waves and zig-zags ... or does it? (National Center for Biotechnology Information ...

Nurse, 29, Posts Selfie Of Blistered Face To Show Dangers Of Skin Cancer Inspires Others
When Kentucky native, Tawny, 29, took to Facebook to warn others about the repercussions of using sun-beds, she didn't realize how many others would be inspired by her graphic selfie, to learn about cancer. On April 25, 2015, a Kentucky mother named ...

Does Having Older Brothers Increase Men's Chances of Being Gay? Here's What the Studies Say
Is being gay linked to genetics? It's a controversial question which brushes up against issues of personal sexual choice and the ethics of reducing something as complex and fluid as sexuality down to a biological signal. But a major new study ...

Texas Burger King drive-thru employee goes viral after helping diabetic woman
AMARILLO, Texas — An employee at a Burger King restaurant in Texas is getting worldwide attention after she helped a diabetic customer in the drive-thru. Rebecca Boening was driving along a Texas highway when she realized her blood sugar was dropping ...

Mum arrested after faking son's 'terminal cancer' for eight years
Dad feared for son's life after boy had 13 unnecessary major surgeries during mum's plot. Source: NBC 5. Daily Mail. By: Jessa Schroeder. Share via email Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Show more Bookmark this article. Share on Facebook facebook ...

Personal connection to breast cancer can affect care recommendations
Research suggests that healthcare providers are more likely to recommend that women get screened if they know someone who'd had advanced breast cancer and had not undergone breast cancer screening. Photo by CristinaMuraca/Shutterstock. TUESDAY, Dec. 12 ...

How Does Diet Affect Mental Health? A New Study Shows The Way Age Factors In
What you eat can have a huge impact on your mental health, which many people who deal with mental health conditions have learned firsthand. I have clinical depression and general anxiety disorder, and I feel much more stable when I'm eating regularly ...

How A Burger King Employee Went Above & Beyond For A Customer With Diabetes
If you have diabetes, managing your blood sugar level is extremely important. So, when Rebecca Boening was out one day and realized that her blood sugar "dropped to a dangerous level," she exited off the highway to the nearest Burger King to get food ...

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