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Vanquish, The Ultimate Fat Burning Treatment

Are you plagued by stubborn, unwanted fat? For years, diet crazes, supplements, and other such means have promised “quick” and “easy” weight loss, while producing little to no actual results. Liposuction and CoolSculpting procedures are effective, but they can be costly and uncomfortable for the patient. Regular diet and exercise seem to be the only safe and affordable... [Continue Reading]

Seven Tips to Lose Weight in Four Weeks

At some point in life, nearly everybody at some point will try and lose weight. There is an array of products that claim to make the process easier – these exist because it’s difficult. They can be helpful in shedding pounds, but more importantly is your attitude, and planning towards the weight loss. Below are seven tips which should help make the process easier: 1. Diet plans There... [Continue Reading]

5 Essential Elements of Any Good Weight Loss Plan

Statistics show that almost one third of adults are overweight, which is why losing weight and keeping it off is so important. However, losing weight is much easier said than done. Many people have a hard time sticking to their weight loss plans and most of the time they just give up. This is making the battle of the bulge an even trickier battle. Yet, sometimes people just don’t know what... [Continue Reading]

5 Brain-Healthy Diet Tips

Eating right can undoubtedly help you to maintain a healthy, strong body. Many people change up their diet for the benefits that their body and muscles will receive. However many nutritious foods are also good for improving your brainpower and mental abilities! When modifying your eating habits, be sure to consider your brain health as well for a well rounded health regimen that will leave you... [Continue Reading]

7 Diets That Are Gaining Popularity In 2013

Every year people make a new years resolution to help him or her lose weight. With these goals set in mind, there are always new dieting trends that burst into action and grow with popularity to see results. We are going to look at some of the newest diets that are growing in popularity for 2013 in hopes that you may find a trending diet that will work for you. If It Fits Your Macro (IIFYM) ... [Continue Reading]

6 Easy Ways to Improve Your Diet and Lifestyle

Day-to-day life can take its toll, both on our bodies and our minds. Changing your lifestyle and diet can, however, have a transformative impact on your overall feelings of well being; it’s just sometimes a little difficult to know where to start. Here we offer 6 easy ways to improve your diet and lifestyle, so that you can begin living life to the fullest. 1. Get rid of unnecessary... [Continue Reading]

How stress causes unhealthy weight loss

The fast pace of the never ending rat race has caused our lives to be inundated with so much stress. Stress can come in the form of the mounds of paperwork at your desk or the irate client that you spent hours trying to appease. It can be the stack of bills that need to be paid immediately. It can be the traffic jam that you experience during rush hour.  It could be your kids who want to play... [Continue Reading]

Top 5 Healthy Cooking Tips for Weight Loss

Most Americans are looking to lose at least a little bit of weight these days. There’s a real obesity epidemic going on, and it’s impacting people at younger and younger ages. A large part of the answer can be found in exercise, as thirty minutes of moderate exercise each and every day has been shown to improve health across the board and help avoid the build up of fatty deposits in... [Continue Reading]

5 Common Weight Loss Myths Exposed

It seems that every other day you hear about another weight loss trick. However, most of these tricks are flat out heresy, propagated by harebrained fitness fanatics trying to promote their latest book. This is unfortunate, because people are actually trying to lose weight – not only because they want to look better, but because it will actually save their lives. Obesity is a serious problem... [Continue Reading]

Healthy Ways to Lose Weight Fast for a Big Event

We all have moments when we’ve known in the back of our minds that a special occasion was coming up, but we found ourselves forgetting all about it until was only a couple of weeks away. It could be a big corporate party or a vacation with a loved one or even a wedding. The closer that the event gets, the more that we find ourselves in semi-panic mode as we try to figure out how to lose a... [Continue Reading]

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