International Surrogacy: What Country Is the Best for It?

Surrogacy as we all know is the king of Assisted Reproductive Technologies which include the usage of IVF (in-vitro fertilization) with subsequent embryo transfer into the uterine cavity of the Surrogate.

International Surrogacy is not about how Surrogacy is carried out in different countries (the process and technology of Assisted Reproductive Technologies are rather similar), it’s more about the legislation, quality and effectiveness. 

Let’s consider different countries of the world to find the best one for Surrogacy treatment. 

Surrogacy essence

Surrogacy is the Assisted Reproductive Technology that involves three parties for conceiving a child:

  • the genetic father - provide the sperm for fertilization
  • the genetic mother - provide her eggs for fertilization
  • the surrogate - bear and give a birth to the child

Their roles can switch in case of severe infertility in one of the Intended parents, or total infertility in both persons in the couple (some countries, like Ukraine, require having at least one of the parents to have direct genetic connection to the child). 

Surrogacy confirms that everyone can become parents with the help of Surrogate. The aim is to know exactly that Surrogacy is legal in the country of your treatment. 

Surrogacy in Ukraine

Ukraine is a technological country with high level medical treatment renowned in the whole world. 

Surrogacy is regulated and approved on the legal level for people who undergo total infertility or have some fertility issues. 

Surrogacy Infertility treatment is rather low-cost, especially for foreigners which see the price in contrast with the USA or Canada. 

Prices for Surrogacy treatment in ADONIS Fertility International vary from  $35 000 to $55 000.

Genetic material usage is approved for egg or sperm donation in one Surrogacy treatment process. It means that at least one of the Intended parents must have a direct genetic connection with the baby. Such an approach helps to make the feelings to the newborn even stronger and to bond the family. 

Moreover, it helps to regulate responsibilities and make the processes even more controlled. 

Surrogacy in Georgia 

Georgia is known in the medical market as the country which is open for Surrogacy treatment, thus it is approved on the legal level. 

Prices for such types of treatment vary from $50 000 to $80 000.

But, the latest changes into the legislation also affected the Surrogacy. Because of lack of control in this area and highly commercialization of services, Surrogacy areas in Georgia become stricter, especially for foreigners (who need to prove the infertility status and their intention to have the baby through the Surrogacy). 

Nevertheless, Georgia continues to be prevalent.  

Surrogacy in the USA 

The USA differs in its state formation. Every state has its own legislation with different aspects which regards Surrogacy. 

In general, there are 3 levels of allowance:

  • Total permission or Permission with additional post-birth legal procedure (states like California, Washington, Colorado, Arizona, Oregon, Texas, etc.)
  • Partial resolution when the Surrogacy procedure is carried out with caution with potential legal challenges or inconsistent results (in such states as Idaho, Wyoming, Tennessee, Virginia). 
  • Total prohibition when Surrogacy treatment is canceled on the legal level and prosecuted by the law (states like Nebraska, Michigan, Louisiana). 

Surrogacy in Canada

Canada legislation allows Surrogacy process on the non-commercial basis. 

To conceive with the help of a Surrogate may different-sex, same-sex couples and single parents. 

It is essential to know that all medical services (especially such high cost as Surrogacy) can be affordable for native Сanadians who have social insurance. For foreigners such a treatment can be rather costly - average price varies from $60 000 - $90 000.

International Surrogacy cost is completely different from country to country, the same as a service, legality and many other aspects. 

Before being involved in the Surrogacy process, learn more about it. This article can be one of your assistants in this affair.