Medical Tourism in the UAE

The emirate boasts one of the fastest growing medical tourism sectors in the world, according to new data from the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). Dubai welcomed over 500,000 medical tourists in 2020, according to DHA. For comparison, in 2016 this figure was 236,000 people, and the total income of the industry for the first time exceeded 1 billion dirhams. Today, medical tourism is one of the most popular types of tourism. Patients from all over the world go abroad for treatment, combining quality medical care with a pleasant vacation. As for moving around the city and various medical institutions, it will be much more convenient for you to do this if you rent a car in Dubai international city. Long-term and short-term car rental is always more profitable than ordering a taxi. Moreover, car rentals have long become incredibly affordable for everyone and offer amazing cars for hire. And now that the logistics issue has been resolved, let's delve into the topic of medical tourism in the UAE.

Types of medical tourism

Specialists of the World Tourism Organization divide international medical tourism into 4 main groups:

- diagnostics;

- treatment;

- rehabilitation;

- prevention.


Most of the patients travel abroad precisely for the diagnosis of the disease. So they can get it better and more accurately or faster than at home. For example, a cancer diagnostic method - PET-CT - is available in almost all clinics in Israel, Germany, Turkey and, of course, the United Arab Emirates, so the patient can be examined immediately upon arrival.


Patients choose treatment abroad in the following medical areas:

- oncology and oncohematology;

- cardiovascular surgery;

- neurology and neurosurgery;

- orthopedic operations;

- infertility treatment;

- aesthetic procedures and plastic surgery;


- check-up.


Rehabilitation centers abroad use traditional methods of recovery (Bobat method, Vojta therapy, etc.) and experimental methods. For patients, comfortable conditions of stay and a psychological atmosphere are created here, which contributes to a speedy recovery. It is because of the high quality of medical service and individual approach that patients choose rehabilitation abroad.


Over the past few years, patients have increasingly traveled abroad to undergo check-up examinations. This is a comprehensive diagnosis of the body, which allows you to detect a predisposition to a disease or the disease itself at the earliest stages. After that, a person can maintain health just by changing their lifestyle and diet, or by undergoing preventive treatment. A patient can pass a check-up abroad in just 1 day.

In addition to these 4 groups, experts additionally distinguish another type of medical tourism - aesthetic medicine. This category includes wellness and beauty treatments, plastic surgery and bariatrics (weight reduction surgery), hair transplantation and dentistry. For patients here, the qualifications and experience of the attending physician, comfort during their stay in a foreign clinic are of the greatest importance.

Prospects for the UAE in medical tourism

Back in April 2017, the government of the emirate of Dubai decided to support and develop medical tourism in the country. The goal of this decision is to be in the top ten cities with the best medical care by 2022. It is also planned to cover about 1,300 million tourists in this direction. The first steps towards high-class healthcare have already been taken. A memorandum was signed between a division of the Health Authority - Dubai Health Experience and The Health Bank. Now the Dubai tourism brand is being promoted as a center of international medical tourism.

To reach the top 10, the Emirate of Dubai will provide the highest class medical services: the best international specialists, modern treatment methods, modern technologies and medical equipment, and innovative drugs. Plus, a full package of medical services - documents, obtaining a visa, transfer, translation services, rehabilitation services in the best hotels.

According to the program for the development of medical tourism in Dubai, a single platform is being created where you can get round-the-clock advice on international-level medical services. Soon Dubai will be talked about as the best center for medical care and tourism, along with Germany, Switzerland and South Korea.