Things You Shouldn't Do When You Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking is beneficial to your health, and it is (and should) NOT considered as less than a total blessing who quits it.

It is the challenge that can easily change your life, we always think of kicking in the cease when we stub out the last cigarette to smoke.

Although it looks impossible…. But it is NOT entirely impossible.

As I said… It is not entirely impossible to put an end to smoking.

And when you do, you can keep up with not thinking and intending to spark the want to kick start smoking again.

It is okay, you can totally cover it up to not let you to get started with it again.

Things to not do when you quit smoking

We have the things… Yes, the things that can actually kick start the smoking habit again.

But we are here to stop smoking and do not want to start it ever.

So, what are they?

Let’s stick to the next part of this content.

  • No act impatience
  • Worry not of your future, please
  • Do not think or be negative
  • Avoid negligence
  • Say NO to alcohol
  • Quit smoking is NO smoking
  • Forget NOT of what made you to quit

No act impatience

Quitting smoking takes time.

You cannot just expect it to work perfectly in the single day.

Do not smoke a cigarette (including vapor and e-cigarettes) for an entire day and call it you have left it.

That is totally impatient approach to start working on quitting the smoke.

It would certainly take time, so do not rush for it.

Worry not of your future, please

When you are just beginning with the smoke cessation, you would feel and think of cigarettes all or much of the time.

This is the feeling you would not get yourself spared initially.

And when you do, it is only you who will have to fight back to such thoughts.

So, when you are in the middle of this thing, try to divert you mind and get yourself involved with what you got for the day to drop thinking about the smoke.

Do not be negative

Thinking negative thoughts is just okay.

The come in occasionally and repeatedly during the day.

But it is totally up to your own power to get you out of the negative thoughts.

Make up the process for your very own self to reward you with gratitude whenever you are hit with the negativity and you get yourself out successfully.

It is like avoiding a big accident with your self control.

So, develop that approach to remain good to yourself. Quitting smoking may lead you often to the negativity.

Avoid negligence

The sudden or planned smoke-free hit may make you bored and would want you to neglect yourself.

With that, you are off from your daily routine.

In that case, you gotta fight for it to get back to the routine life.

For that, eat a good diet. Drink more water. Do exercise. Take a walk. And travel to attract the good in you.

Say NO to alcohol

No smoking means a red flag to alcohol.

Breaking the habit of smoking, you cannot continue or develop the habit of drinking alcohol.

During the initial days of quitting the smoke, drinking alcohol may urge you to take a cigarette afterwards.

Say NO to alcohol for now and then the day will come when you take a glass of alcohol without the want of cigarette. 

Quit smoking is NO smoking

It is obvious, the fight of quitting the smoke may turn out to be more challenging, the ever-most hardest job to continue fighting for some time.

But you got to have the will to face the urge of taking a cigarette. 

I know you can, and you definitely will.

Forget NOT of what made you to quit

You should not forget what was the reason that made you to quit smoking.

A loved one forced you? You have the deteriorating health which cannot accept the smoke? Or any other reasons?

But whatever they are, you got to stick to them which should not let you to take it in the future -- ever!